Friday, February 25, 2011

Pump It Up!

Found this GREAT deal on Facebook, so I had to post it here (even though I have like 2 readers! Oh well!). It's a $50 gift card that only costs $25!  I love half off!!!!!

The Pump Station is a great store- and a wonderful resource for nursing mommies.  They have SO much more than just pumps.  The lactation consultants there are AMAZING, as are all the girls that work there.  They have Mommy and Me classes, breastfeeding support groups, and all the best products for babies!  I LOVE the Pump Station!!! Check them out!!  They helped my little lazy bear cub get his latch down perfectly and now he is nursing like a champ and getting fatter by the day!! It was very important to me that he be breastfed exclusively, and with the help of the Pump Station, we made it happen, even though he wasn't getting the hang of it right away.  Thank you, PS!!!

Btw, I'm not getting anything for posting this, I just love sharing good deals/ awesome places to shop!!

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