Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wrapped Up With Love

With our first son, we discovered the Ergo.

It is the best baby carrier ever!!  It's super comfy and best of all, according to our pediatrician, better for baby's hip and spine development than a front facing carrier like a Bjorn.  With our new baby, we are again using the Ergo, only this time we started earlier so we used the infant insert.  I can't say enough good things about the Ergo.  I love it and so does my hubby!  He suffered a back injury from work, and while the Bjorn puts tons of pressure on the wearer's back, the Ergo doesn't at all, so he is completely comfortable wearing it.  A few weeks ago, I heard that Petunia Pickle Bottom (my absolute fave!!) and Ergo are pairing up to make even cuter Ergos.  I have the black one, so I am sooooo jealous of mamas that get to enjoy the awesomeness of the Ergo carrier in the super cute PPB patterns! I might just have to have a girl so I can get one!!!! Look how cute:

In addition to the Ergo, I LOVE wearing our little one in a wrap.  It is great to have both options, because our older son can still fit in the Ergo, so sometimes it is occupied. (I tried using this as a reason why I need the new PPB version, but hubby said "Nice try." Mean!) I love the Moby Wrap, but I simply adore the Sleepy Wrap.  They are both amazing for babywearing, and great for discreet nursing too.  I was pretty nervous about using a wrap when our little man was tiny, so I went to the Pump Station's Wrap Clinic.  They showed me exactly what to do and how to wrap him safely.  It was so great because I could try on the different wraps and decide which one was the best fit for me and my baby.  The best part of all was the clinic was free!  Just another reason why I love the Pump Station!

I had gotten the Moby as a gift, and after playing with the different wraps, I was actually going to return it for the Sleepy Wrap.  Instead, I decided to keep both because they are fairly inexpensive, and I figured if baby spit up on one, I would always have the other ready to go.  They are VERY similar~ about the same size and price, and both are truly amazing products .  The only difference to me is that the Sleepy Wrap is a bit stretchier, which I liked, because I could make the wrap tighter around baby.  I feel like the Moby is more like t-shirt material, so when it gets stretched out, it doesn't really "bounce back".  I'm not sure of that makes any sense, so be sure you try out both wraps and see which one works for you!  The Pump Station Wrap Clinic is an awesome place to start!!

Baby wearing is awesome, and if you have two little ones, it is essential.  Gone are the days where I can sit on the couch for hours on end, cuddling with and gazing at our brand new angel.  This time around, I have to chase around his big brother as well, and it is great to have my new sweetie pie wrapped around me while doing so.  I don't know if it is feeling Mama's heartbeat or what, but he is instantly comforted, and usually passes right out when I put him in the wrap.  If you don't have one already, any of these three are well worth the money!! Happy Wrapping!

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  1. I have both the Ergo and the Moby. LOOOOOOVVVVEEE them both. I was able to oversee our house remodel thanks to the Ergo. Seriously great products that I would recommend to any new mom.