Thursday, April 14, 2011


So we made the big decision that our big boy should get to stay in his crib, and the little one needs his own.  Off we went to Bellini and because they were in a new location, they were having a big sale!  Win!!  We got his crib at over 50% off, and it is super cute!  It is a different style than his brother's, but the same antique white color so it coordinates nicely.  Most importantly, it is the safest crib available.  Both cribs will eventually convert to toddler beds and then full size beds, so even though they were much pricier (even on sale) than most other cribs I've seen, in the long run they will save us money because we won't have to keep buying more beds as they get bigger.

I feel very happy with our choice, and (I think) both boys will be too.  The baby still hasn't made the official switch from bassinet to crib, but it is all decked out with super cute bedding waiting for him when I am finally ready to not have him in our room anymore.  I have been putting him in the crib for a few minutes at a time, just so he can get used to it, but until we switch the Angel Care from bassinet to crib, he won't be sleeping in it yet.  But more on baby monitors later...

Anyway, thanks to those of you that commented on last week's post.  It is always great to hear from other mommies when making big changes like this one!!  I will keep you updated on how it goes over the next few weeks as we let the baby sleep in his own room.

As they say on MTV Cribs, this is where the magic happens:

The magic, of course, being the baby sleeping so Mommy can get some rest! Ha ha.  That picture is not exactly what the nursery looks like, but it is beautiful, so I stole it from one of my favorite baby bedding shops, Posh Tots.  My hubby has forbidden me from shopping there though because I could spend the boys' college funds with no problem at all!  A Mommy can get in some real big trouble on that website!

Here's hoping that when I finally do put my little man in the crib that there are minimal tears. From him and from me!


  1. Hey Girl.. Thanks for stoppin by my blog.. Love yours too and am uber jealous that you got to spend your bday at disney.. my dream :)
    As for a newbie you should just write what you love or hate.. your truth :) and have fun.. your great at it.. can't wait to read more!!

  2. We're coming up on the big bed upgrade pretty soon, too. My kiddo is almost 3 and still in his crib - and happy as a clam to be there. We'll do a big boy bed this summer some time -- but we're certainly not in any hurry. Kids grow up so fast as it is -- little things are just little things. If he's sleeping ok, then you should rest easy.

    Sounds like you've got it figured out AND got a great deal on a second bed. Nice.