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Friday, October 7, 2011

Mama loves shoes!

I know, it's been a while since I have posted.  Two littles under age 3 can keep you kinda busy!! My baby is 9 months old today! To celebrate, we are going shoe shopping!!! I have two boys, so I miss out on all the tights and hair bows and pink, but I can still shop for clothes and shoes!! My hubby says I am a baby clothes hoarder- but he doesn't know the half of it... I hate to admit it, but both boys could probably go a week (or 3) and wear a different pair of shoes each day! I need to stop! In my defense, shoes are so fun to begin with, but on top of that they are tiny???  How's a girl to resist??

One of my very favorite brands is pediped.  They are cute, comfy for the littles, and according to our pediatrician, the best for the littlest walkers.  Here are some cute ones:

The other great thing about pediped is there "flex" system for toddlers that are beyond the baby (soft-soled) stage.  It allows your kiddo to wear their shoes longer because they come with two sets of insoles.  As their foot grows, you remove one of the pairs, and the shoe fits longer! Genius!! These are one of our older son's favorite pairs, which he was able to wear for 7 months or so thanks to the "flex" idea.

(Longer shoe life means more money for other shoes, right??)

I recently learned of another brand of shoes to love! See Kai Run shoes are comfy, cute and easy for little ones to put on themselves! Score!! Look how adorable- matching for baby and toddler!!
Baby Boy

Big Boy

And finally, here is a great website where you can get both of these brands, plus tons of others, and they often have pretty good sales.  I used the code FALL11 today and got 15% off my entire purchase (including sale items), plus free shipping!  I love websites that have free shipping!! Hello, websites that want mamas to shop there?? I am MUCH more willing to give you my hard-earned money if you give me a deal and/or make my life easier.  I love me some online shopping while the boys are napping, and if I am getting even somewhat of a discount (and can avoid dragging them to the mall), I will probably double my order. (Sorry, hubby.)

Here's one last pair of adorable shoes- who has a girl I can get these for? Soooo pretty!!

Anyone else have any online discount codes to share??