Friday, March 18, 2011

The downside to my new BFF...

(aka the cleaning lady) is this...  When the house is perfect, I want it to stay that way so badly that I turn into a nagging wife! I get VERY annoyed when my hubby leaves even one dish in the sink (hello, the dishwasher is 6 inches away! Put your dirty dishes in it!!), or doesn't leave the throw pillows perfectly placed on the couch when he is done watching tv.  On a side note, I feel the same way about the laundry- once every single thing is clean, I swear I wish we could all just wear the same thing for a few days so the hampers wouldn't fill up so quickly again! Ughhh! Am I crazy or what?  Any other mamas want to share their OCD moments?? I think I am being this way lately because bringing the new baby home has thrown our routine for a loop.... of course I would have it no other way, but having so much new gear added to our home has made it harder to keep tidy, so I have been a little on edge about that. It's just hard enough with a new baby and a toddler without having to deal with clutter.  Am I a control freak or something?

I guess because the cleaning lady is not a regular thing, I just want the house to stay the way it was when she left, for as long as possible.  The one positive thing has been that we are spending tons of time outside- it's good for all of us, and we leave the house in tact. Win!

If you are reading this, thanks for letting me vent! And please share your crazy mommy moments or your husband's annoying habits!!


  1. im a cut a bitch that messes up my living room after i organize it.

    so, i feel you on this one :)

  2. Cleaning lady?! Oh, I am feeling the jealousy ;)
    To be fair, we don't have any kids, so we *technically* could just tidy up after ourselves. We both work full time though. Hubby refuses to hire anyone (even when there was a $35 whole house cleaning offered on Groupon!) because he thinks the housekeeper(s) will rob us.
    Geez, so young and yet so very paranoid.

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  4. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by Crazy About My Baybah. I know what you mean. When I clean, do laundry, or do the dishes, I wish my family would not touch a thing!

  5. oh. my. god. are you my long lost twin? i'm am what i like to call a "neat freak wannabe". i am completely desperate (sometimes i think psychologically desperate) to be clean. i NEED to be clean. here's the problem...i'm totally not. i can't even tell you how many fights the hubby and i have gotten into. we have pretty different definitions of the word "clean".

    the first couple months after we brought our living son home i actually was really having mental problems with the cleaning thing. i don't know if it was just some post-partum hormone thing, but it was bothering me so much. i would have breakdowns at night because i would get so upset at how messy the house was. i thought...i'm a mom to a living baby now, we need to stop acting like kids and get our act together and keep a clean, tidy house. i just felt (and still feel a lot of times) so chaotic when things are messy. my HEAD actually feels cluttered. i'm probably sounding totally nuts to you right now (i swear i'm not).

    anyway...some REALLY annoying things the hubby does...leaves shoes out. not just out, but right in the perfect place for me to trip over them (right in the doorway is his favorite spot). leaves used pieces of dental floss out -- just gross on every level. uses the couch as his own personal closet, leaving shirts, pants, boxers, belts, anything else on it. doesn't rinse his dishes -- thanks hubs, now instead of spending two seconds rinsing your dishes IIIIII have to spend five minutes trying to get off the caked on crap off.

    geez, i could go on forever, but you're probably getting bored. i have to make dinner now too.

  6. I am so happy you ladies feel me on this!! So I'm not totally crazy? Yay!!! ;)