Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Better Late Than Never

So here it is- February 1.  I'm just a little late with starting my New Year's Resolution of creating (and regularly updating) a blog.  (One of my others was to not procrastinate, but what are ya gonna do?!)

Just what the world needs is another mommy blog, right?! I probably won't even tell my friends and family about it, either, so there will be little traffic here, but it seems like everyone I know has a blog, so why not me too?

I can't even really decide what I want this blog to be about... At first I thought it could be reviews on different baby products that I love (and hate), but does anyone really care what I think about all the baby paraphernalia out there?  Probably not, but I might start with that anyway....  I also thought maybe this could be a place where I post pictures of my little ones, and talk about all the cute things that they do.... Or maybe it could be an outlet for me to complain about my hubby never picking up his dirty socks...Who knows what it will evolve into, but it has officially been started, so I can check it off the list.  So what if I am a month behind schedule?  I have a 3 week-old infant, so I think the fact that I am even able to type a complete thought should earn some pretty major points!!! I literally am typing with one hand and holding my nursing baby with the other, so this entry is about to come to an end...  I would rather not wait until I start leaking milk on to the laptop!  Yikes.

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  1. Welcome to blogland! Congratulations on your newborn. Very few people I know in real life know about my blog and sometimes I wish even they didn't know since there are times I want to write about something but then worry about what they might think. So your way is the way to go. :)