Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have a fear of shopping carts. Not really, but they are so gross.  I have seen kids fall out of them (seriously! It's horrifying.), barf on them, lick them, wipe their boogers on them, etc. This is all in addition to the nasty germs that we grown-ups spread on them just by using the handles. Yuck.

I am by no means a germaphobe, but once I became a mama, I gained a whole new appreciation for nasty, germ-infested things (like the pediatrician's waiting room- you take them in for one thing, and they catch all the other bugs going around, fun!).  I stocked up on hand sanitizer, wiped down everything I could that would go into the baby's mouth, and made sure that we all washed our hands often.

Guess what?  Both little ones have still gotten sick. It is unavoidable. But I like to think that they have gotten sick less than they would have if I wasn't so crazy.

Now that our first son isn't a baby anymore (tears), I have to get used to the idea of him getting dirty sometimes. It just goes with the territory of being two and a half. He is also around other kids a lot more, so he is exposed to many more germs. I have accepted this (I guess). But the one thing that I am still not ok with is him sitting in one of those nasty shopping carts unless I wipe it down and put a cover on it.  Some of my friends think I'm nuts and that he is too old for this, but I don't care. As long as he will let me, I am sticking to my guns and covering up that dreaded seat. Luckily for us both, they have such cute shopping cart covers now, that even big boys will probably agree to sitting in one.  Here is the one we have, which covers up high chairs (also germ infested!) as well:

This cover is by itzyritzy, and they make such cute stuff!!  I love their carseat covers, wet happened bags and nursing covers too.

One last thing about shopping carts: up until a few months ago, I thought that balancing an infant seat on top of a cart was the safe way to shop with a small baby.  Then I learned that this is risky, and that baby can easily topple off.  So scary. Now I shop with the baby in his car seat in the big part of the cart, or in a baby sling, and our big boy in the covered seat in the front.  It doesn't leave much room for groceries or goodies at Target, but that keeps me from spending too much, so that's a good thing! ;)

Ok, rant over.  Happy shopping everyone!


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  4. I totally agree about shopping carts, and I really hate to shop in stores where you have to pull open a door to enter, I mean can you imagine all the germs on the handle. I am your newest follower from the Alexa hop and hope you can swing by my blog when you get a chance. Have a fantastic weekend!