Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words?

First, my dilemma.... to post pictures of my family on here or not?  I wanted this to be a pretty anonymous blog, and plus I am worried about my kiddos' safety.... My hubby is in a high-profile line of work, so I'm not sure that it is smart to include photos and/or identifying information on here.... though we both have FB accounts, and we post plenty of photos on there.  Hmmm.... any thoughts?  Should I post photos of them, just not their full names?  I really would love any input you have!

I've gone back and forth many times with this... I want this to be a true "diary" of our life as a family, and I would love to have this blog full of pictures so my boys can have it as a online scrapbook of sorts one day. Then again, what if they don't want their pictures on here?  And I doubt they will appreciate my detailed accounts of potty-training them being on the internet when they are 13!  So I just don't know.

While I think about it more, here are some photos I have taken recently with my new love.

*Disclaimer: I know NOTHING about photography and am just playing around with this amazing camera.  I am hoping to take a class on using my DSLR this summer.  Until then, youtube has been teaching me the absolute basics.  So no mean comments on my lack of skills, please!  I will get better with time!!

Here are some non-face pics of my little angels:

Showing off a new teething toy he picked out for the baby.

Yummy toes

Such long fingers, just like his big brother.
And now, some non-kid pictures I took while playing around with the settings on my camera:


  1. Hi There

    I post a ton of pictures of my kids, I don't use their names but do use mine and my hubby.. I know it is strange but my blog was a record of our time together and I take a billion pictures so I wanted to be me.. Our families read it and friends of the family so I wanted them to see the pictures too. Plus I find it easy to help tell a story. Just my little imput.. but you have to do what your comfortable with :) and your hubby of course.
    cheers and happy Monday..

    Real Housewife of Oxford County

  2. It's a good thing you're thinking of this, and your kids ( and family) safety. When I post photos of my nephews, I tend to not do faces, and refer to them by initials..I'm famous for taking headless photos, and those from behind. Although I'd love to share their precious faces, I am with you in safety first.

    The thing that KILLS me these days is the ability for people to "check in" at locations on facebook? Really?! You want people to know a) you're not home, and b) where to find you? I'm sorry but whoever invented that app was not thinking straight!

  3. hi there! i've had the same concerns over posting both pictures and information. i've been trying to keep my blog as anonymous as possible, and actually haven't even told any of my friends or family about it. seriously, how else am i supposed to complain about them if they know i have a blog??!!??!! one thing i'm very firm on though is that i won't post any pictures of my children. it's not just because i'm a paranoid freak, but also because i feel like some things are just sacred, and just for my family and me. it seems like these days the word privacy doesn't even exist anymore, so i just try to do what i can in order to keep as much privacy as i can. at least this way, i know if i don't post it, it ain't getting out there for everyone to see. that's just how i feel about it. i know a ton of people would disagree, each his own. maybe it could even be a fun photography "challenge"...see how creative you can get with your pictures so as to not show faces or identifying features. actually, one of my favorite pictures of my son (with my new DSLR!!!) is one of him from behind. you can't see his face at all, but just the way he is sitting i think is adorable.

    just my thoughts...i'm going to be posting more of my new DSLR pictures on my blog will be fun to see how we progress!!!

  4. Thanks for the input, ladies! I think I will do just non-face pictures for now, and if I feel more comfortable about it later, I can always add other pics. Better to be safe than sorry!

    Brie, you are sooo right about the checking-in! People are nuts! ;)